English website may be the next target of grassroots webmaster

when a large number of Chinese websites appear, GG Chinese price has dropped to very low, not to mention the price of a variety of alliances. Maybe you will say, and pop it. But that stuff, there are a number of alliances do not amount, there are a few users do not dislike it. Maybe you have to say now, Tao is not very popular? Yes, because it is very popular, so the competition is more and more big. We do not see a lot of Amoy to now have basically no income. As a grassroots webmaster, in order to succeed, we must walk in front of other grassroots. Only in front, you can be divided into more soup.

English website, Jian Hui believes that will become the next target of grassroots webmaster efforts. You might say, how many people look at the English website now? Or we will say, this English level, but also English website? These are the reason? Now do website English fewer people, not is a good opportunity? Don’t have to be 10 years, when the home do English website, you do


what do you do in English Web site? Building Hui believes that the following aspects can be considered.

a, do garbage site, click on GG. You might say, do garbage sites, but also to do chinese. But have you ever thought, you do a Chinese, put a GG, the unit price ah, is how low ah. But the price is at least 5 times that of chinese. Jianhui today to see a website to do English songs, the daily income of GG has $more than and 100, people’s IP is only more than 2 thousand. Think of your more than 2 thousand IP Chinese website, can do so high GG income?

two, make a gift site, selling things to foreigners. This you can do a similar Taobao site. Hang some small gifts with Chinese characteristics. When Jianhui went to Xuzhou to attend stationmaster plenary meeting, I heard about this big fish, he said that now some people do a gift website, selling to foreigners, the purchase price of 10 yuan, to be sold for $10, the money.

three, to help enterprises do foreign trade website. If you have the resources, then you can go to help companies do foreign trade website, direct sales of products to foreigners. This is done well, it should be the most profitable of these.


is Jianhui give an idea of everyone, if you want to do, then act quickly Oh, make the most afraid of things too late, not to say well, the early bird gets the worm, early action talent to earn money.

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