The site was linked to horse mom to blame

      I write this article is completely out of anger. Don’t say to scold the mom. After dinner, the website found the pop. Sweat.. it is linked to the horse?

      go into other sites to see immediately, I was not IE poisoning. Other sites normal. Only a careful observation of the contents of the column will appear. See IFRAME JS had no hanging like. All sorts of puzzled today. So to ask a friend. Later this afternoon and finally thought of a new channel Ali Mama advertising. So the new background of advertising. Advertising is a custom malicious


estimates that my mother’s account was stolen? Is there such a big problem with the theft of your account, if you have a million IP account stolen? It’s really thoughtful,

below is part of the chat with friends

Li Jun 23:37:07            is linked to the horse? "
y a 23:37:35    the poor; only one channel
y a decision today 23:38:14  do not see what reason
y a 23:38:16    the poor; can not find
Li Jun 23:38:33  address me
y may CSS inside a 23:39:01    the poor;
y a 23:39:12    the poor; the non mainstream module which is
y a 23:39:57    the Jue; Li Jun Tu;
y a decision Jue 23:41:27    FLASH I have stopped play.

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