Click on the site CPC advertising three views

a lot of non webmaster friends will say that they never point on the site advertising. Many just enter the webmaster friends who will point to the site on the advertising of the question. Of course, these two issues are based on a premise, that is the website advertising is on pay per click, which is called CPC, which is currently the main profit pattern of most small and medium-sized website or personal website. Since it is paid by clicking, that is how much money a point, no point no income. In other words, advertising on your site, even if there are more visitors to the site, if no one clicks on the ad into the target page, the site is no income. So many webmaster friends worried is advertising on the website click rate is too low, but many webmaster circle of friends and promise yourself never click on any ads on your site. So the problem is that many people never click on ads on your site, because they see ads bored webmaster Comrades advertising on the website click rate is very low, then we make the website

how to make money?

on this issue, the individual said the following three points:

first: there will always be some ads on the site. It looks like nonsense speech is actually the truth, even if you have N many people said that any advertising he never any point on the site for you, even if there are N many people say to you, he saw the ads on the website is bored, will immediately turn off (if the advertising is provide the closing function). Some people might argue that the site has 1 million PV, there must be some advertising, but the vast majority of personal sites or small sites is certainly not reach this point ah. This is true, but the reality is not so embarrassing. In fact, general website alliance ad click rate in 0.1% to 1% between, of course is also high, if your website advertising is particularly eye-catching, and the ratio of the content on the website also attract people, reached 50% or even higher is possible. But you can achieve so high, alliance will dare to put your account, have obtained income to you deducted. So, or do not, do not use some means of legitimate pursuit of high click rate. To 0.1% calculations, the display of the 1000 AD, resulting in a total of 1 hits; in the calculation of the 1, the 1000 time the advertising display, resulting in a 10 click. Basically, if the click through rate can be in 0.4%-0.6% even a very high click through rate, this is the overall situation of the industry. Of course, if you click on the site is 4%-6%, and the advertising alliance did not close your account, then you should have a book about the experience. Many people claim that they are not advertising, they do not lie, because 1000 people, there are as many as 990 or even the 999 is not your advertising, not to bring you income, but only consumes your traffic and bandwidth. But as long as there are 1000 people, it is enough, and there will be some people, this is the law, you say I do not count, the market has the final say!


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