Sales is the key to keep the most important user Wangzhuan

The final way

Wangzhuan in my opinion only do sales, in the reality of doing business is the kingly way, do Wangzhuan too, many sales people ignore an important point, if you lost visitors! Visitors, that is very difficult to make money. Wangzhuan classic article network proposal sales people to do the following four points, to keep visitors.

1, potential customers to build


can come to your website, I think most of the people is the purpose of these, with purpose of browsing, you will quickly find its concern, if not found will leave some articles around the entrance keywords, "free socks gift" placed in the striking position, the only cost is to leave a contact by email or mobile phone verification, you can take these socks, the accumulation of time, the potential customer base was built up.

2, product description

I believe that most of the girls love beautiful clothes, some clothes is not her own love, but she is wearing, why? She love to wear this dress to wear clothes feeling, is to look at what clothes are worn for others to see, is wearing feeling. The descriptive text of the product can do two selling points: one to sell benefits, a detailed description of the benefits of the purchase of the product. Two sell feeling, a detailed description of the advantages of the product to buy.

3, user evaluation

users are buyers, you are the seller, the buyer the seller did not fine, this sentence is widespread, so whether you put your product description of how well the user is always with hesitation, but between the user and the user is equal to (of course don’t understand to "support"), if each of the products above there are several aspects of reasonable praise, is the point.

4, build your repeat

to enhance the desire to repeat the purchase of the guests, playing a certain discount, the use of electronic consumption volume strategy, the coupons can be transferred. Even if the guest itself has no intention to buy, in order to make the vouchers are not wasted, can also be lent to others to use, word of mouth, than your promotion to the fast, high quality.

classic article Wangzhuan have been longing for doing business, but time is not very mature, now only to make money on advertising alliance, mix to eat, but want to know the future of Wangzhuan classic article network development, want to become bigger and stronger. The sales of products is a good Wangzhuan way. Young friends, no matter you are not do Wangzhuan, or do Wangzhuan, must think about this piece of sales.

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