s it possible to raise or raise funds on the nternet

of entrepreneurs, the first pot of gold is often more variety of hardships. In addition to the traditional channels of VC and PE, but also where to find investment? The U.S. micro media CEO Zhu Jiang by taobao.com offering "yuanshigu" to raise funds, this approach has many "illegal fund-raising get both praise and blame," accusations sound, but also to encourage Internet innovation financing of applause. However, the pioneer of eating crabs, in the domestic environment constraints, can go far?

to join rebels

"I was to join rebels." The micro media in taobao.com fund-raising event after exposure, illegal fund-raising and the criticism to Zhu Jiang can be heard without end, the tide of public opinion pressure, his words with some helpless. After leaving Iqiyi to start their own business, Zhu Jiang took only 7 page business plan to find angel investors, venture capital institutions, but also half down failed to do so, it is a business plan from the original 7 pages are now more than and 40 pages.

Zhu Jiang is determined to be a set of production and distribution of television programs as one of the "cross media organization", but the characteristics of the commercial program asset light, high investment, but a lot of people risk investment occupation. "At that time took a 18 minute sample, took about 500000." Zhu Jiang said, although there are a number of interested investors, but also put forward strict requirements, let him in a dilemma. Invest 1 million, it will take up to 40% of the shares."

and the way the Internet financing, so that Zhu Jiang saw a new hope, through the creation of the United States in the form of micro membership card online store in the form of the beginning of his fund-raising plan, Zhu Jiang. A membership card on behalf of 100 shares, priced at $120. According to Zhu Jiang introduction, there are 1191 members to buy, subscribe for a total of 680 thousand shares, raising a total of about $1 million 203 thousand and 700.

contract formally entered into force, the United States is in the form of the end of the micro dividend feedback membership card investors. Currently holding 6% of the shares, and then the United States will come up with an annual turnover of $6% as a bonus." Zhu Jiang said. Zhu Jiang’s goal is to be able to achieve 20 million of revenue in 2013, while they also started the "venture pulse" "EasyMBA" production of the two program.


although the financing process is very smooth, but this behavior is still on the edge of the law and policy, these risks are Zhu Jiang had to face the hom.

can only go one step ahead, the first three years to earn money to live." As the first person to eat crabs, Zhu Jiang have been located in the teeth of the storm was helping him, and the design of the financing process of lawyers also warned him, "there are 100 kinds of dead method, I can help you avoid the rest of the 70, you should go."

Dacheng Law Firm (Shanghai) senior partner Wang Hanqi believes that this kind of public offering of equity through the Internet platform, the form of raising funds, has been suspected of illegal issuance of shares and

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