Make the guest money must be patient

began to contact the guest three months ago, the time is not long but ourselves to Amoy truly feel the happy Wangzhuan income account, at the time your heart will secretly happy for a while. Income is not much, just as part of their lives, every day to get up to open the door to see his mother Ali has no income account, which is the happiest thing in a day.

well, other than that, what do customers should pay attention to what. In three months ago, I thought it was not a time to do a site can be effective, but if you do it with a blog, the results will soon. So I thought for a long time, what to do with the blog? This problem is not difficult to me, at the beginning there is a YAHOO NCP, but to their own time to do it, but had to find another way. Looking for information on the Internet, you can see someone said such a sentence: in Sina blog is not a celebrity is rich. At that time I didn’t think other decided to open a Sina here, time is very fast, almost every day in the blog in a few days, almost good, began to increase in popularity, go on other people’s blog, visit etc.. Finally feel it is very fortunate to do something bitter, but ultimately rewarding, persist for several days has no income, to a week later, finally saw the inside account 5 dollars, she was very excited.

has an income after no longer doubt whether Ali mother can make money, and after a few days there are almost continuous income, in this period of time, the more they have the power. I do not see whether there is any income, but to see whether there is no record of today’s income. This feeling is very comfortable, and sometimes in the Q group in the forum to see someone else’s income when the sun, more than their own N times, but they are satisfied, because they do not pay so much.

three a month now, see a lot of people are coming in with their own website, want to engage in a website to attract more people, after all, to do with the blog promotion is really too tired, no time to do. Finally, give some suggestions to the novice. I am not an old hand, can only be said that the proposal can not be said to experience. In Tao do not when you do not want to do, to heave great sighs, do believe that there is a return, if it is half done and not do that any more income is not your


so tolerant, good to analyze the visitor’s psychological, take what they want to buy what you put out, this effect can be said to be the most effective. It is to use the brain guest.

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