Google ADsense and SEO

talked to Google AdSesne not as you imagined difficult to make, also cited some examples: with industry attributes, a unique and stable return visitors have higher rates of new visitors to the small website, also can earn some money in Google AdSense. In fact, no matter how much money can be earned, for these sites, it is only a process, not necessarily the ultimate goal. Originally, we do not need to focus only on the AdSense on this item. It is only through the discussion of the process of AdSense, perhaps we can pay attention to the key words for the importance of a web site.

this project seems to have been little discussed on the domestic network. Although no one is concerned. But, in fact, to the current environment in Taiwan, want to have some specific words, a considerable degree of optimization, it is difficult to see. Therefore, the SEO will be the people, is not very willing to take out the benefits related to talk about. Those who are interested in, can be SEO, Search Engine Optimization, search optimization, ranking optimization, network ranking, search engine optimization and other related words, look for an engine. You can find quite a lot of information.

and SEO are the most basic elements of quantity and quality, is nothing more than a web page on the Internet, the survival time of Back-Link, again is the content. There are a lot of discussions on the internet. And no longer talk about it. Instead, we can look back, we can give some of the first to have a small flow but stable AdSense revenue of several small sites. Some of their effects on SEO.

let’s just talk about the Back-Link and the performance on the SERP.

to find out how many pages of a station with the number of Back-Link, can be checked by the Yahoo Site Explorer.

can also be found by the Google engine: (for the site you want to check the screen name).

This way you can through the

, we found that for example to small flow can earn money AdSense along the way. Their numbers on Back-Link. Also, through the investigation of the various web pages, it is the door to look for the key words. Then, take the individual demands of the key words in the engine SERP, see them in many keywords on the performance. The actual operation, may still have trouble friends are interested in their own hands to check, on the other hand, also try to see their own web pages, do a comparison. Perhaps people will be able to know how to stop by the factors of SEO >

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