Making use of internationally renowned bloggers to earn dollars

in order to express all these days since the music on my 123 entertainment navigation support, I decided to send you a free program to do, so that everyone can use the spare time to earn an income from the Internet, get free stuff, we often do not cherish, but I still want to say that this project is really good, interested friends can try to do, as long as the patient insist to be done, income is very considerable.

The principle of

of this project is to use the DADA and GOOGLE cooperation opportunities by leveraging the way to easily obtain income. DADA is an international huge flow of video portals, the flow of large, international members, let each friend’s personal homepage has great views, of course there are international IP, then the GOOGLE price is very high, as long as we insist on updating our personal space, then we personal homepage is flow more times, of course, the income will be higher. This is what I do not want the site, do not promote, do not invest in new ways to do GOOGLE, as long as you work hard, it must have a good income. Some people may say that I know this station, but most people do not know this station can make money GOOGLE. General DADA personal home page needs to update four things: blog, video, pictures, music. In particular, it is easier to get the amount of video browsing, below we will update the video resources to step by step to explain the operation of the process and skills.

You can download

1, find a few small video sites, video is not too big, from several hundred K to several M can, don’t get big video, otherwise you can not figure out a day. Now there are many video stations on the network, there are many is not the direct download, there are a lot of video address extractor on the network, we need it to Baidu search, very simple to use, the page URL video where the input software can be extracted, then you can directly download.

2, download the video to beauty, self, comedy, DADA views the 3 kinds of resources is very large, it is best and erotic Sassafras side content is of course must not engage in yellow Sassafras side of things, but also to audit.

3, log into the DADA account, and then click the top right corner of the upload video button to download the video upload.

4, title to write to the temptation of provocative, but do not contain sensitive words, he is DADA shielding some porn related words. TAG is a keyword label, this can be same as title, can also be re written into words, usually save the time and the title can be described, and TAG is the same, this depends on your own arrangements.

5, the title of the resources, TAG, description is generally described in the two languages, because DADA is an international website, so it is generally a Chinese and a foreign language with the foreign language is generally English

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