Marry me to create a network of domestic marriage website profit King

Web2.0 era, network development differentiation further ripening online marriage market, Internet dating mode is rapidly warming. In 2006, a number of domestic professional Internet dating websites began to emerge, and attracted a large number of risk investment. As early as 05 years in December, Shenzhen Haotian touch net and received Softbank Asia $12 million 500 thousand; then the beginning of 2006, eFriendsNet network also received $20 million capital injection from one of Europe’s largest dating site Meetic; and Lily network in the second half of this year won the world famous venture capital NEA. Two rounds a total of $11 million investment. Jiayuan, China personals website and also from the risk of investment gains. However, after the venture capital boom, but had to face the problem of marriage website operations, and even the site has claimed that its investment is almost exhausted and profitable hopeless. In a poor sound, first claimed to have breached the problem of profit, with the steady growth of income and profit target point the day and await for it. Bring a warm the news was undoubtedly the silence of the online marriage market, appeared in the spring after the winter dating website.

supermarket operation full-service

even though they say that there is no free lunch, but in China, netizens are more willing to enjoy free internet service habits, which makes most dating sites, still take a free membership strategy to attract users, gather popularity. Compared to similar foreign websites is to collect membership fees as the main means of profit. The world’s largest dating to as an example of the year by the network toll reached 2 billion yuan turnover, another site eHarmony, its 7 million registered users, which paid users accounted for 20% of the monthly membership fee of $49.95 each. Foreign success stories provide a glimmer of light for some websites. Forced by the pressure of profit, some of the site launched a price package package membership services. But this has led to some embarrassing situation, income there was a sharp drop in popularity is.

faced with the implementation of the charging system frustration, marry me through the various market research and analysis of the market, innovation put forward the idea of the implementation of the supermarket business in the Chinese marriage market. Unlike the theme park tickets as a packaged membership system, we provide the space more like a supermarket model. Any member of the landing site does not have ‘tickets’ threshold, free registration can choose the required services. They have the right to choose to pay or free products, the independent integration of the most suited to their own needs supporting services. As the supermarket, they may come in, can also enjoy the then empty handed." Xu Xinyue, general manager of my network, I said.

according to the information before the Swiss third party agency AI, seven adults willing to pay online dating. According to reports, as many as 70% of those who are willing to pay, 29.5% of users are willing to come up with a monthly amount of less than $10, 18.8% of people are willing to come up with $10 to $30, 11.1% of users are willing to pay $50 to $30;

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