Wang Xing come on entrepreneurship self cultivation regulating the family country and the world


tiger sniffing note: This article is Mr. Wang Xing in December 6, 2014, the source code of the capital of the first session of the code and the source of capital grade students will share the finishing. Mr. Wang Xing is one of the source VC LP.

ten years ago, I came back from the United States to start a business, the past ten years has been an entrepreneur, I am still an entrepreneur today. I have three entrepreneurial experience, the first two paragraphs are very unsuccessful. Third, the U.S. group from 2010 to now the development of OK, but is still in the trenches in the struggle. I have a lot of lessons to share with you, but none of them is entirely applicable. Whether it is my own experience, or other people’s summary, almost every seemingly correct advice, I can always find a lot of examples.

1, on the "entrepreneurial" proposed counterexamples

, for example, the start-up companies, the development rate, growth is very, very important. Silicon Valley has a motto, is a bit vulgar but very direct: Keep growing, fuck everything else. only growth is important, everything else is not important, as long as you can keep the high-speed growth, all the problems are at least in the short term can be tolerated, concealed, or will not burst, many problems were a the problem, you grew ten times, hundreds of times after it is not a problem, don’t even need to solve he naturally disappeared. This sentence is to a great extent, in the process because we have experienced many similar things, beauty group today has a lot of problems, but the most important thing is to maintain sustained growth, so many opportunities to solve the problem at least.

give you a suggestion that some do not want to say there are a lot of problems, this is a very important problem, I will stop to solve the problem, some start-up companies must not stop, no matter what is worth you to stop, or even slow down to solve, otherwise will only be more serious, quickly to the outbreak the whole company.

but there are counterexamples, all things are counter examples, after you grow too fast, because many of the problems are growing too fast he could not control a problem.

in my own experience, beauty is the first group purchase website, but in the second half of 2010 to the first half of 2011, the market is crazy, countless money in numerous team another round of financing, dig each other, then throw money around to burn, there is a period of time handle and Wowo is running faster than the U.S. group, they are in very high speed growth, they finally to close to the end of the year in the second half of the 11 years, basically quickly collapsed, that is not to say, because the beauty of what they had problems, they are running too fast and they were in the business when setting up, go to the market after a year and a half, because of an exaggerated example, when Wo Wo Group’s dig directly that we determine the good 2>

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