Ali mother model gave birth to the first batch of advertising purchasing Steward will mount guard

The birth of

Ali Mama advertising trading platform and a series of advertising trading patterns of advertising purchasing market, many advertisers expect with professional cooperation by introducing effective advertising so as to seek development, this group of professionals will be the first occupation "advertising Steward will be Ali’s mother in the certificate.

Taobao shop owner is an important object of these ad buyers, but not all. China has more than 4000 small and medium enterprises, of which there is a large proportion of brand advertising demand. Professional advertising Housekeeper will use Ali mother platform to help advertisers manage advertising funds, the development of the plan, the operation of advertising, advertising for the main effect.

hope to have a webmaster, Internet entrepreneurs, and even the bidding agents to join, both online and offline advertising can develop for the housekeeper, bidding agents, they have many advertisers, through Ali mother one more accurate advertising channels." Ali mother responsible person in detail.

at the same time, Ali mother for the butler to provide exclusive and convenient advertising, the effect of view permissions. Analysts said, now is the best time for these professionals to enter, transparent customer trading model, the majority of the customer base, which has become the embodiment of the value of professional housekeeper protection." It is also important that the credit rating will depend on the evaluation of the owner of the housekeeper, which is also related to the proportion of professional Butler to get gold.

Ali mother said, for the qualified advertising Butler will give customers the consumption of CPC 5% as a development fund, will be based on the level of fund housekeeper increase, the company will take a set of customer satisfaction evaluation standard, providing incentives to the housekeeper.

comprehensive analysis of the flow of points, to help you buy the right advertising, business has just started, do not charge fees." Ali mother in the community, there are professional bodies and site traffic has a deep understanding of the individual in the mining platform advertising user needs. Analysis pointed out that advertising will increase purchasing occupation believe the flow of value for advertisers to find more valuable site, this is a group of many parasitic tail aggregation created, like the food chain as the link between the mutual dependency relation created from natural harmonious evolution.

but analysts believe that although Ali mother have a natural advantage in the long tail, currently covering 80 million people, more than 2 billion 800 million of the traffic coverage, and has more than and 40 small and medium-sized websites selected for brand advertisers more than 200 thousand audience channels in a blog site is the key factor. So, Ali mother on the precise site classification launched the national network products, according to the region, industry and other precise subdivision advertisers audience, to achieve the best brand marketing precision effect.

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