Linkedn CEO’s legendary career born for the nternet

LinkedIn CEO Geoff Wiener

news July 5th

Sohu IT LinkedIn CEO news, Geoff Wiener is a legend of the Silicon Valley, in addition to its current leadership was very influential LinkedIn, the legendary version of the same occupation career admirable, recently the technology blog BusinessInsider introduced its roller coaster of occupation career.

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if you want to know today why corporate executives in staff recruitment are increasingly dependent on LinkedIn, then LinkedIn CEO Geoff Weiner is the best candidate.

Weiner is now in the occupation career peak, soaring profits, I also boarded the "Forbes" magazine cover.

in 1999, just graduated from the University for two years to join Warner Bros. werner. He wrote a report calling Warner Brothers to enter the Internet industry. Weiner "Forbes" in an interview said: "I was just a little a green hand figure, but they love the report."


Weiner joined Warner Bros.

then, Weiner promoted vice president of Warner Brothers, responsible for the company’s online business. He and two other executives Jim Banister and Jim Moloshok launched a new website Entertaindom. In Weiner’s lead, Warner brothers started early to get involved in the Internet original content.


launches new website Entertaindom

The cause of the initial Everything is going smoothly.

weiner. In 1999, Time Warner (Warner Bros.) plans to divest Entertaindom to make it separate. Employees have received stock options, but also Weiner was named COO. But his wishful thinking but failed: AOL announced the acquisition of Time Warner, let Entertaindom off draw a full stop. Weiner also choose to leave from Warner bros..

CEO Terry Semel invited former Warner Bros. Weiner serving in his investment company Windsor Media, to help look for development opportunities in the digital domain. In 2001, YAHOO appointed Semel CEO, also follow Semel Weiner joined the Internet giant was very influential. He was responsible for the search and content business in YAHOO, the acquisition of a number of Flickr was a hot start-up company. People will be considered a popular candidate for YAHOO Weiner next CEO. But he announced his resignation in 2008.



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