With their own specialty do Wangzhuan you earn more

mentioned Wangzhuan, many people think of is to build a site or flow through other methods, then earn advertising fees from various alliances there. Although many people rely on this model to obtain a considerable income, but for those who do not have the resources to get rich through friends want to pop or click on the ads is really out of reach.

actually engage in Wangzhuan do not necessarily want to make money through advertising, but not to have the website. The network is only a kind of medium, to some extent, it is no different from the real society, but it is a lot of technical factors.

I have a friend to see a lot of people earn money on the net, the heart itch, then joined the army of wangzhuan. But a month down not only did not earn a lot, but also cheated a lot. In his eyes, the project is nothing but a trick just born righteous how he can not do it. At the time when he was ready to give up, I advised him to go to the Witkey website look, may have their own tasks. Because the friend was well written, soon found some clerical tasks, and have won a success. This allows him to see the hope, but also broaden the idea, the original can also make money online ah. The next few days he was buried in front of the computer and found that many people are looking for someone to write a thesis, publicity, a variety of novels, etc.. Since you have this skill, why not try it?.

so he made a very simple website, dedicated to provide a variety of copywriting work. In order to allow customers to rest assured, but also opened a shop, the process completely go Taobao. When it was introduced, the brothers had a writer in a literary website, every month income. Not only is important enough to live comfortably, doing what you love very happy.

I also know a brother, no other skills, is to play the game. His way to make money is more simple, every day in front of the computer to play games, and then get a good thing to Taobao and 5173 on sale, earn a lot. Through their case, I find it easier to make money through their own expertise. First of all, this is your unique thing, the competition is very small. Secondly, you provide a direct service, get the real money, there is no question of the amount of deduction, and the profit model is also very profitable. Remember once read an article about a Feng Shui know that his job is to pick up the business on the Internet to help companies and individuals named, the annual profit of nearly one million.

Many expert

Wangzhuan are talking to develop ideas, personally think that for those who often feel confused but bustling about friends may also calm down, think about what their strengths, maybe gold on your feet.

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