Millet Li Wanqiang innovative companies do not need to become self media from the media

Update information and rapid changes in the

era of the Internet quickly, if innovative companies hoping to gain market attention and recognition, we must stand on the attention of the "outlet" every day, what Li Wanqiang called "the headlines every day". The company from reliance on traditional advertising and marketing, and then to choose social marketing etc. from the media, the transformation of marketing strategy may usher in the next is to become "self media": they are responsible for the company’s product marketing, reputation accumulation, responsible for their own production. This is the main point of millet co-founder Li Wanqiang in the recent media training camp held in the summer summit 2014 share. Li Wanqiang said, to become from the media, companies do marketing is not doing advertising content. And share 4 points, first, every company is from the media; second, do first service to do the marketing; third, toss every day, the headlines every day; fourth, allow employees to become fans, so fans become employees. The following is the full text of Li Wanqiang’s speech:

good afternoon, Mr. Hu just heard when telling the media and time, that we are very concerned about in today’s Internet which is now, I just thought of a word is fragmented in mind. Today, from the spread of speaking, today is a social media era, in fact, we have to give a pile of information are fragmented, everyone’s time is fragmented.

from the marketing perspective, the transition when the new marketing, I want to give you advice is that every company is from the media, every company should allow themselves to be transformed quickly from the media, this is a point that I want to share with you today.


today, the Internet era is to choose the product reputation era, we in the past more than a year, a lot of people are talking about the Internet thinking, focus, extreme, reputation, reputation is the most important. In the past, when there is no Internet, there are word of mouth spread, the most typical word of mouth is a barber shop, the market, aunt dancing square…… Everyone to McCain hill, said what I bought a good TV inside, he wears a very good shoes, this is a very typical word of mouth spread places. At the moment you recommend, you are very trusted friend recommendation.

But when the

spread word of mouth in the small circle inside, when not to spread to a large circle of easy to break off, today the WeChat, micro-blog such social media to spread throughout the reputation of the information chain increased hundreds of times, thousands of times, the extension is also great, is really good products, have a good story, it instantly spread. Most of the time is not to consider it is not to interrupt the problem, a lot of negative news you can not delete delete.

today I think it is time to become the media, because the whole information behind the spread to change, the core is that we really rely on the word of mouth to spread the product today.

The dissemination of information

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