Mall do not understand technology can also achieve 300 yuan

back said, "poor try network" first pot of gold, Xiaohua’s story seems to cause a lot of attention of webmaster. Some friends asked me to add my QQ, no technology can really rely on websites to make money? The answer is yes. I know a lot of webmaster friends, in fact, there are many of them is half a pot of technology, marketing half pot, SEO half pot, but their income is not half a jar. Some webmaster friends, and even only typing, will only talk about QQ, will only rely on the purchase of the link to do SEO search engine rankings, Baidu will only vote for the auction, the other do not know.

yes, the world is so wonderful. Many technologies are cattle people working for others, a month one thousand or two thousand point three thousand or four thousand, he sold himself to the boss, a legend of the moon race, called the white-collar workers. I am very worried, ten years later, if there is a boss who is willing to them? We all know that technology innovation is how quickly understand! By saying, "it seems in me, on the value of one thousand yuan." Then, we go back to the subject, the fundamental network technology is not to make money, in fact no technology can easily achieve a monthly income of 300 yuan.

Xiaohua because of technical background, searching for work and not under the door, accidentally discovered the opportunities, to carry out the web business. Soon, after a year, because of the accumulation of a certain customer resources, customer introduction of customers, has accumulated a lot of reputation, business gradually busy. He began to consider the establishment of a studio xiaohua. She is in no rush to register the company, find the advertisement in the newspaper, in flat-share where the office leased three desks, 300 yuan monthly rent, and then go to the secondary market Amoy three computer, began his big plans. Taking into account the cost of the problem, and not to recruit those Xiaohua senior programmer, computer department personnel to the university but amoy. After a month of hard work, finally with a monthly salary of 600 yuan by two students, began wildly beating gongs and drums expansion plans. From the beginning of this time, the main work of Xiaohua into a business, from production. Technical work is only occasionally involved. But because the business model of good times don’t last long, Xiaohua is too simple, two students this is wise, less than two months, learned this means to attract business xiaohua. So have left to start all over again, to start their own businesses. This is a headache xiaohua.

next, Xiao Hua and the recruitment of several programmers, the results are similar. After half a year, she has used the more than and 10 programmers, did not expect the final is to set up a dozen competitors to their. The local website gradually smoke. Calm thinking Xiaohua, he must change the strategy. Xiaohua seriously summed up his business model, surprised to find that in fact their own this work, you don’t need what technician. As long as the number of people who are familiar with the computer can be carried out. Xiaohua from to spend 20 yuan to buy a large number of VIP enterprise station source, find two Chinese students, according to ideas to carry out the work. Xiaohua’s role becomes modified, Chinese > University

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