Web2 0 era blog marketing let your fire stand up

is now a lot of people playing blog Wangzhuan, is of course a lot of people earn money just buy a box of cigarettes. Wangzhuan the best blog to blog, as long as you are not not allowed to publish pornographic content and so on, how do you play the administrator will not say a word to you. And encourage original, not against the use of blog wangzhuan.

want to use blog Wangzhuan will have some software, automatic message, the batch, automatic on bo. If you have these three software, Congratulations, you have a future.


and the blog Wangzhuan, which can add their own JS framework code, so you can put Googleadsense or Ali mother. I used to because there is no Google account, put Ali mother, one day, not more than ten dollars or so. Send a picture to see you, so that some people say I fooled you.


unfortunately, I do not know why, when my account has more than 80 yuan, Ali mother said my data anomalies, I K, a penny did not get. Now it’s time to do Google.

An instance of

http://s.dreamweaver2008.blog.hexun.com/ (blog this has not put advertising, and have certain points to put advertising) 20 blog I have a total of more than 9 thousand, total IP, PV almost 2W in my hair the inside and left connected to their site, so my website outreach is also good, here is not from my website some people say, avoid advertising.

said a large piece of crap, now began to pay attention to the webmaster friends (if you are interested in


no matter what you choose real advertising, recommend JS call, so you can always change your blog posts inside the ad, to avoid some of the reasons for the loss. If you are in the custom module 23W can add JS or in the framework of advertising and integration, this is your short-term goals, increase your score, so that each page you have advertising, income will increase.

I believe not to say too much, some may see that is a piece of cake. Oh, in a reminder, in the blog article inside a frame, advertising their own things.

blog blog article recommended on the use of blog marketing express I have been using. Very strong function. Give a screenshot


is not afraid because we have done, affect their own traffic, I am a hobby, try. Although everyone.

then pass a few pictures to give you a look at the work, the function is very powerful, more of their own look. You can set the head and tail of the advertising content, key links and so on


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