Taobao wants to change the fate of the stick

recently heard a lot of Taobao too forum guest complain, I was busy for several weeks or even months but a little and have no income effect. Their confidence and patience are the basic emotions were scattered, but I want to tell you want to change the fate of Taobao customers will insist that a dark does not never see the light hanging.

I like to look at the hearts and minds of those experts in the community and forums, and is very helpful for my growth. I once read a post, I do not mention the name of the suspect GG. He is a sophomore. In an Internet cafe in the lonely, he was Taobao guest earned 500 of the article inspired. The heat and some of their own school, and joined the Taobao family. He is good at summing up the thinking, and from thinking, let his growing surprise. After a few days of research to guide the flow of a title that makes us curious. I saw in the hands of Baidu domain about the chain of nearly more than 6 thousand. He spent half the time to complete, although some have been the moderator to delete, but the chain is still amazing. Before reading this article, I doubt the value of Taobao.

you have done so? One day pure original 20, although a little tired, but the psychological comfort is not collected. 30 days a chain I feel very relaxed. In addition to a link. A month down is the 600 original, 900 outside the chain and the link between the 30. I feel that you are not in the rankings are not fixed. Your collection is not in a few days or site a look to see. You will find that your article included speed. 4 hours should be no problem.

but have you ever wondered what it would be like to do it in 10 months? I don’t need to talk about it! Taobao! Remember that the best thing to do is change your destiny. This article for Webmaster: Innocent bear original reprint please famous.

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