Treat you differently for Google Adsense

for users who want to make money online, the choice of Google Adsense is a more appropriate way, but also one of the most common choice of the current network of personal adsense. But not all users are suitable, the following author will be divided into two cases to introduce to you in the end whether it is suitable for Google Adsense.

is not suitable for Google Adsense website:

1, the picture stand, the reason: advertising can not match;

2, the novel stand, the reason: the site is more than the old users, the basic will not produce clicks, advertising content and the content of the site visitors do not match;

3, music station, reason: copyright, can not match ads;

4, movie station, reason: ibid;

5, beauty gossip entertainment station, the reason: GGAD vulgar advertising is relatively small or not, the price is too low (suitable for slightly higher than the level of more than four points);

6, literary Station, reason: see 2;

7, flash station, reason: advertising can not match;

suitable for Google Adsense station:

1, computer professional and technical station, such as special Linux, database, server, network equipment and other stations, click rate is high, the high cost of advertising Wangzhuan;

2, a variety of industry stations, such as hardware, agriculture, steel, construction and other stations;

3, female station: including but not limited to clothing, cosmetics, fashion, beauty and so on;

above the station need to text based, good page structure, good for search engine support, appropriate and reasonable SEO, more original and essence of things;

You need to pay attention to

here, some people say a word can be summed up the "garbage station does not fit GOOGLE!" not necessarily a matter of fact, you can do a professional garbage station, you know, garbage station more, there is content is valuable, for example, you end all can be a healthy kind of garbage station, or from the garbage station or the E station, in short, to remember, to do the station on the road, and the difference between professional garbage station station is fuzzy, apply the old saying: money is a good website

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