Online selling home textiles 30 million

Feng Yi is a typical elite entrepreneurs, she chose the most challenging areas – vertical electricity supplier brand.


| Yan Xiaolin

Feng Yi’s office is excellent spread textile samples, filled with all kinds of pillows and quilts. "We all slept." Her husband, co-founder of home textiles is also excellent spread can’t help, while Tucao, "know how she was" devastated "me? There have been more than half a month, the bedroom side put twenty or thirty pillows, while ten quilt, every two hours of sleep to wake me up and down with the pillow change pillow for quilt, this intensive experience can be said to have to separate the pros and cons. Sometimes too sleepy, can not remember what it feels like, second nights have to sleep again. The two of us operation Department and the backbone is so selected, even now I have become experts, ask three questions to help candidates to very appropriate pillow."

served as bedding consultant by the couple is numerous, for example, one of the excellent spread angel investor Xu Xiaoping. The real fund investment after a excellent spread, Feng Yihe her husband to Xu Xiaoping home, he found the bed also is the general level, they pay attention to choose a set of their own products sent in the past. After a month to see Xu Xiaoping, he came up and said: "since the use of your products to know the past twenty years of my life how hard."

the company was founded in August 2011, in April last year, the pine thing from 7 Angel institutions, all the money to the account after two weeks and was really a Glasgow started the A round of financing, the financing is nearing completion.

why do Internet people do bed products?

if the entrepreneur is divided into elite, geeks, grass root, muffled fortune several types, Feng Yi is a typical one. Before becoming entrepreneurs, she has a thick stack of California experience: in the world’s largest aviation electronics company Rockwell · Corinth company (Rockwell Collins) for Asia Pacific Marketing, in McKinsey’s Beijing office for MSN, Lenovo and other strategic consulting, product development director at eBay global 13 websites…… 2008 should be DFJ managing director Hope Chen invited to join the cool 6 to do strategy, products, financing vice president.

finished at the University of California at Berkeley biology professor, Feng Yiyin consciously do not fit on the switch of TMT, 99 years admitted to the Standford school, and Shen Napeng co founded Sequoia Capital Fund Chinese Zhang Fan is Standford MBA classmates; after returning in 2001, returned to Silicon Valley to work does not meet the bottom-up at McKinsey has only a top-down CEO thinking, Internet companies in both the US and China shuttle between 10 years.

about 2006 in Silicon Valley, when she was eyeing the Chinese electricity supplier market, recommended to many VC friends concern. Wait until your own business, the electricity supplier has become her choice. In China >