Return Beginner don’t give up

beginner beginning is very depressed, he is like a fly without head like, on the Internet crash, good luck can also, will eventually find a way to make money, bad luck, is likely to be cheated. No way, the network is virtual, crooks really rampant. More than 90% of the estimated Wangzhuan people have the experience of being cheated, bitterness, not one to come, perhaps only their own experience, will learn more clearly, improve their judgment, can see through the deceitful trick, is also a kind of growth yourself.

why a lot of people on the Internet has become a passer, because the network to make money at the beginning is the most difficult, you have to endure loneliness, loneliness, sadness, failure, or even often blamed, because you will have a lot of people do not understand the time in the post or promotion, the natural sound can be heard without end. Many people choose to give up, had left his Wangzhuan figure. There are a few people insist on down, the 28 guidelines, there are always a few people can succeed in a field. Now the successful implementation of Wangzhuan people, who can say that he can easily achieve today’s achievement, can through the network to feed the whole family. The odds are about the same as winning a lottery. The couple engaged in Wangzhuan, the most terrible is not to repeat the work, because if you know the repeated work can make you succeed, you will be forced to own mechanical repetition. For the new, the most terrible, it is the kind of loneliness, do you have to sit in front of the computer in the morning alone, leaving your own dark figure experience. It is to be alone in the realm of the body and shadow comforting each other. Lonely feeling to the whole body, there is a kind of impulse to cry.

you hate, you complain, you don’t understand why people can succeed, and you pay so much but still penniless, without any success, extreme point, and even suicidal thoughts.

here I want to say, as long as you on the Internet is not a lie, rely on their ability to make money, whether you are doing or click on the code, to do research or Witkey do grass-roots website or help people design, you pay their own hard work, you get your reward, then you are successful Wangzhuan, you are worthy of the


of course, you may think it is not fair, because you surf the Internet every day time is not less than the others, why people pay less energy but can earn more money, then you have not thought about, all you see is the success of the textbook, you know how much success behind? You see someone the sweat or tears! Not only see the success of others, as long as you insist, in the accumulation of their own experience, one day you will soar, blockbuster, the premise is that you have to make my own successful capital.

anyone is from novice over, you can ask the successful grassroots webmaster, more than 80% people to learn their own construction technology, all kinds of software to build self, no one to them, no one to give them encouragement, they always learn in silence, diligent learning, so he can succeed.