Looking for elephants when the adult supplies entrepreneurs encounter nternet thinking

/ Wang Jiecong / Wang Su


into the "elephant" condom office you will find in this small SOHO suite, six employees only seats filled the room, plus an ordinary conference room that was circulated in the media "copy millet mode" of condoms from birth here.

just want to do a very good condom

decided to start in June 2013, elephants and his partners CEO Lu Chuan and his partner set the entrepreneurial direction, is to do a very good use of condoms.

this is a rare venture capital from the initial support of the adult items entrepreneurial projects.

"when we had this Logo, we got angel investment." This argument has been confirmed by the founding partner of Taishan brothers founding fund Chen Liang. The reason, Chen Liang said, we are most valued team. Very few people can feel the sense of business and product after 90".

with the support of funds, Lu Chuan began to set up a series of standards for their condoms.

adhere to the market and the thinnest 0.03mm consistent, unique packaging, the thickness of a single package, more than 30% of the oil, the West Asia factory, a box of only 59 yuan pricing. This one features fusion in the first generation of elephant condom products, finally in January 7, 2014 officially on sale.

product design, Lu Chuan has its own interpretation. For example, a single design using condom packing box, on the market of condom use flat packaging, and compression, even if the manufacturers want to add more oil but no space, the existing design can directly classify the first side, second allows adding more lubricating oil increase experience.

For example,

cube green packaging box, he said the products on the market most rectangular carton packaging, placed in the bag easily squeezed, consumers are less willing to put this product in a prominent position, but made an elephant like box, some consumers will accept it in the sense of design.

as for the origin of Malaysia, Lu Chuan believes that the origin of Southeast Asia is close to the origin of rubber, Southeast Asia, the world’s best rubber production, fresh raw materials also help make the thinnest products. In the production and design and production of multiple products, the first batch of condoms were shipped to Tianjin packaging, waiting to be delivered to the hands of consumers.

Internet marketing


who also said it was not clear Adult supplies industry in the whole China market size, but the condom industry is quite mature, from the initial planning activities started, now Durex WeChat, micro-blog and other revenues in the event frequently out of the limelight, it makes people feel

elephants enter the market may have been the red sea. And if it is not through the first dissemination of the concept,