Google said the loss of 1 billion per year due to click fraud

Beijing time on March 1st, according to MarketWatch reports, Google said on Thursday that its annual loss of $1 billion due to click fraud.

so-called click fraud, usually refers to Internet advertising was malicious click. Click fraud may have the following circumstances: in some cases, a company might click on rival network advertising, with the consumption of the invalid click advertising budget; but most of the time, the website owner will click on your own website advertising, to get more revenue. The reason why this happens, mainly because of Google and other online advertising provider uses a "pay per click" mode, that is the network advertisement each click, advertisers will pay a fee.

many people in the industry think, click fraud is a serious problem in Internet advertising, advertisers pay more than $16 billion a year, nearly half of all belong to the category of advertising click click fraud. However, according to the information provided by Google, even in the worst case, the percentage of invalid clicks in all advertising clicks is only 10%. In most cases, the figure is below 5%. The information provided by Google is based on the average number of invalid clicks on its "capture", and the company does not charge advertisers for these clicks.

Google said invalid clicks can generate $1 billion per year of advertising costs, but the company did not charge the user. According to Google, said the company did not capture, but by advertisers found fraudulent clicks in all ad clicks in the proportion of only slightly higher than 0.02%.

although the Google on Thursday released information is not complete, such as the lack of the number of non capture fraud clicks, but the company has so far released the most detailed information. Google also said that the next period of time, the company will launch a variety of anti click fraud measures.