Novice webmaster spring earn CPA advertising skills

I’m from a fully understand contact Wangzhuan novice to start, so far almost 5 months, I was not enough attention, and often go to school, can not neglect their studies, it took so long time to master a skill point website to make money. I was too greedy, what all want to get a result, deep not, easy to operate, want to make money fast, I believe many people are like this, so I have to share my experience of novice webmaster, avoid detours!

we know that web traffic just do little, even for advertising may not pass, if normal, such as fruits, Yiqifa, how does that do? Don’t need what skills, find some related to your site article, original after uploaded to your website the line. Simple propaganda, to the major search engines to submit, can be collected can be used to make money. The key is how to make money on the site? I believe that the article is concerned about this issue. You say, "sell their products on their own website?" then you do a very attractive promotional page? Do you understand e-commerce? Your site traffic is big enough?.

what I want to say is that the advertising alliance. Hang CPC, CPS, CPM and the like of the advertising line, NO, or because of the traffic problem, you want to mention a month now certainly not. Why? You can guide others to register ah, for example: you hang advertising 4 yuan / registered, on your website to hang 2 – 3 similar ads, a day to earn 20 to 30 yuan, 3 of them seemed to temptation. As for how the temptation? I’ll give you a hint. For about 6 QQ, all the information to fill data set in 20 women, age 26 years of age, the area is not restricted, but the best to fill the city, QQ space to upload some photos and age beautiful pictures, logs also added a few articles, know why set it to attract lady-killer? Ah, as long as the line, even if you do not do publicity every day there will be a lot of people to add. To promote it, then find some of this time fired a raise a Babel of criticism of the woman in the picture, such as Shoushou, and then use PHOTO SHOP to add the QQ you want to advertise in the photo, for example, you can write "QQ:*********", and then uploaded to the blog of the album, upload to Baidu. But the picture is not looking at Baidu Oh, I went to search for. After a few days, you will see the results, you on the line, a day without 30 – 40 and you QQ the news just strange! Some people come to talk with you, if you are a man in women’s thinking and talking to him, this is not a grievance what if you are! The female, ha ha, that’s right, even if he wanted to video and you also much, if you are a man, you will open the virtual video chat beauty, and he simply talk a few words, then you can ask him to help you do it, but it depends on your language


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