Tencent wide point Luo Zheng how do mobile marketing 3 era entrepreneurs

May 10th news, the ninth session of the 2014 China Internet entrepreneurs conference held in the International Conference center. Around the theme of the conference to build a mobile entrepreneurial ecosystem, nearly 4000 mobile entrepreneurs from all over the country, IT observers, marketing people in the field of communication. At the meeting, the general manager of the Tencent of the effect of the advertising platform around the theme of "Luo syndrome when entrepreneurs into the marketing 3 era" on-site lectures, marketing 3 era of entrepreneurial opportunities conducted in-depth sharing, helping mobile entrepreneurs grasp more of the cash flow method.

Luo Zheng proposed marketing 3 times belong to social networking sites. The three major advantage of Tencent in the effect of the advertising platform wide point, will help developers achieve the cash flow, but also for advertisers to find high quality mobile delivery channels.

Luo Zheng pointed out that the wide point has three major advantages: large platform, multi-level, cross terminal.

platform refers to the Tencent Tencent, open platform, wide point cloud as one of the Tencent in the open system, QQ, mobile phone QQ, QQ space, wide point through mobile alliance, WeChat, Tencent, news client, QQ music and other social networking products, can be extended to the user information in a timely manner.

can reflect the multi-level user insight in the wide point. The basic properties and environmental characteristics of the portrait of QQ account system based on user oriented crowd; users interested in short-term SNS social network based on the electricity supplier can track the behavior and APP behavior; SNS users of social networks based on long-term interest, including user life growth trajectory, users of social relationships chain. In addition, wide point the advantages of big data, Tencent social platform LBS based on directional advantage can enrich the user oriented hierarchy.

cross terminal refers to the user multi screen environment, in the face of different people in different time and different events scene, wide point information can be pushed to the intelligent target group. Based on the core competence (Tencent, QQ cloud account system, rich API), social marketing ability, commercial ability, the wide point can complete product information and user scenarios in multi touch.

wide point always want ecosystem build domestic effect of advertising, on several occasions stressed wide point in 2014 is still not involved in mobile advertising into the all of the profits of all the property developers.

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