Less than 2000 dollars a month but still choose Ali mother

actually do this choice is forced helpless, I come to talk about the reasons for the matter. I have a corporate information station IP about 2W or so, the PV is relatively high, about about 300000, it is the enterprise information query. The procedure is relatively simple, the beginning did not think so much about how to do the toll station, the first is to do a dumpster, get some traffic, then I did not expect the flow is relatively stable, but the search volume is relatively large, so the election to choose the Google Adsense search alliance. You also say, about 20USD income every day Oh, do a search alliance should know that Google Adsense’s search unit price is very high, basically every click on the above 0.1USD. Some of the high prices are more than 0.5USD, plus Google Adsense click also have 10USD day, add up to a total of 25-35USD a day. For a station that doesn’t need to be updated, it’s good. This day over two months or so, one day I watched the stationmaster net Admin5 alliance section of the website information, see a company’s advertising resources, so ready to try the effect, then registered their website alliance launched their code, put between heart Anxi, because this alliance with me the site provides content is very close, but certainly many earn, actual operation found no, less poor. For Google Adsense or have a great impact, a lot less revenue suddenly. So I hell-bent with Google Adsense mixed, also don’t want to put more code, because the fact that put more code will not be able to earn more money, it will drag on the website speed, affecting the user experience. In this way, after a week, one day in the mailbox received Google Adsense group sent the message, the general content is directed at my website, the specific content is as follows:


in view of your account, we note that the way you present your Google ads is not consistent with our policy. For example, we found that there was a violation of the AdSense policy on a similar XXX.com page.

and the publisher shall not be in violation of Google site administrator quality guidelines (http://s.www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py? Answer=35769quality) web advertising Google. The following is a summary of some of these guidelines, and it is recommended that you take some time to look at the full version.

* design page should consider the user, rather than search engine.

* do not use hidden real content or deceptive redirection hands >

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