The whole procedure of webmaster website make money

more and more domestic webmaster. More and more people to join the ranks of the owners to make money, if you want to do this project you must understand the basic steps. After reading, please carefully consider whether five minutes for you to do oh.

a, theme

choose a self love theme, such as I love Wangzhuan, so I may choose to Wangzhuan theme, if you love the car, you can choose the subject vehicle. Be sure to choose their favorite theme, because only their favorite things, they are willing to do, but also a choice of learning direction, because at this stage, we have to study the relevant things.

two, program

if I want to learn to make friends, I will open a forum, open a discuz forum, a simple Forum opened up to 300 yuan, I bought this refers to a relatively stable space, if it is to buy better, can choose the network, if you want to buy cheap, can choose more than 100 pieces, can I exchange side, can produce side friend, also can produce a large number of articles. I bought the PHP+MYSQL space, according to the program installation tips, it is easy to get, without any technical content.

if I want to do classification information, such as the 163 Yidu information port program is used by someone after CMS, pages landscaping, data optimization and other measures that can give users a better experience, through local businesses earn advertising fees; and also to those who want to do classification information but not their love to modify the friend, the price is not high, 100 yuan to buy 1 copies, the friend also can earn money through the development of local businesses. This is a train of thought for everyone.

if I just want to show the content to do traffic, then I can choose BLOG or content management system, such as SABLOG, which can also generate static web pages, which is purely content display.

program as simple as possible to select some of the procedures, the more simple procedure, the more convenient to use, do not get something too complicated, the program is not important, the most critical content.

three, content

After the

program and do so is to choose the theme, content, content is not too much, every day 20 is enough, too much is not easy to adhere to these requirements as far as possible the contents of original style, of course, make yourself completely original to the difficulty is great. But the search engine love is the original style of the articles, so be sure to revise as far as possible, if you are interested, for example, creativity is my hobby, so I will write other people’s ideas, every day is not high requirements on their own, 20 pieces a day, for a month, to ensure that every day there will be thousands of people concerned about the station.

at the same time to choose some portals on the latest and post replies, search, to ensure that there is no search engine.

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