China nternet Corporation SP horizontal contrast


data show that in the first quarter, SP overall market revenue continues to be severely reduced. Many companies rely on SP services, the impact of mobile operators to adjust the policy is still continuing, continuing the downward trend in the previous quarter. Tom online, air network, Sina have varying degrees of decline in the share, while Tencent and friends of the century has risen.

total market revenue for the first quarter of $135 million, compared with the previous quarter fell by 2.3%, compared with the first quarter of last year, a decline of 19.4%.

4 professional SP company (TOM online, Hurray, Linktone, air network) total revenue of $82 million 770 thousand, compared with the previous quarter decline of 2%; the 4 major portals (Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase) total revenue of $52 million 630 thousand, than the third quarter decreased by 3%. Professional SP company and portal SP quarter revenue decline was smaller, the same as the previous quarter flat.

Linktone this season a serious loss of

      Linktone this quarter operating profit compared to last quarter appears more serious losses, -403 million, operating profit rate of -28%. Informed the official explanation is: the increasingly fierce market competition and regulatory policy changes bring negative influence to the net revenue, is an important cause of well-informed net operating profit rate quarterly decline. The transformation of new business, Linktone advertising business for $600 thousand, a slight increase over the last quarter of $300 thousand, which is mainly due to the cooperation with the TV station, but this income accounted for only 4% of total revenue.


  business increased in spite of Tencent;

      SP business Tencent rose against the market trend, 07 quarter revenue 196 million 500 thousand yuan, an increase of 20.3%, growth of 1.8%, accounting for 25.4% of total revenue. Revenue growth mainly from the promotion of products and services to promote the spread of the short message service. Last quarter, Tencent and China Mobile reached a cooperation, common development "Fetion QQ" platform, to achieve interoperability between user terminal and mobile phone China Mobile Fetion QQ users. The new platform has been launched. In addition, due to fierce competition and regulatory measures, non monthly content SMS service revenue declined.

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