Takeaway platform zero line to complete the B round of 30 million financing

Abstract the current round of financing led by Tencent investment, Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital with the cast, the current funds have been credited.

reported in January 7th ran technology Tencent

food takeaway platform zero line to the Tencent recently confirmed technology B round of financing has been completed, the amount of about $30 million, by the Tencent led, Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital with the cast, now all the funds have been credited into account. Zero line did not disclose the specific circumstances of the current round of financing shares, but said after Tencent investment, the founding team still holds absolute control.

zero line founder, CEO Wu Hao said that the current round of financing will expand the main user team, the development of new cities and improve the quality of service.

zero line started in June 2012 in Nanjing, from the initial line, the zero line on the choice of a more serious business model – self logistics, located in the high-end white-collar market. By the end of 2013, zero line to complete the A round of financing, then the investment side of Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital. After the A round of financing, zero line began to expand in different places, currently covering Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan 5 cities.

only from the data on the investigation, the zero line of this kind of self logistics model takeaway platform, it seems not a single day of the amount of millions of hungry or the United States take away the opponent. But in Wu Hao opinion, in addition to its own distribution team to achieve a closed loop of the transaction, to help catering businesses to adapt to take the scene of the depth of operational capacity, is the difference between the core of the zero line.

alternative takeaway platform

is completely different from relying on the entity entity takeaway platform, zero line from two years ago began to develop their own zero brand".

Wu Hao said that the concept of zero "brand is similar to the Amoy brand Taobao platform, this part of the business under the original online is not well-known, completely zero growth in the development of online products and operations are completely rely more on online, offline store does not account for the location, decoration, brand is very weak, or only the production environment and no line shop stores".

currently zero brand occupy zero line 6% of the cooperative business, but this part of the business is more suited to take advantage of the characteristics of the total sales of 30%. In addition to the contribution of marketing, zero brand also help us to achieve a good reputation spread, showing the advantages of our platform, Wu Hao said.

in addition to discovering and nurturing the new brand of Internet, zero line also guide the existing traditional large catering businesses set up takeaway brand, in order to match takeaway demand.

the current takeaway pattern, in order to take the hungry and the United States as the representative of the platform takeaway, mainly rely on a large number of physical entities under the line, the maximum extent to meet the needs of users, with the advantages of traffic and entry. Zero line plough operation mode, and the cultivation of "zero brand", the greatest significance lies in helping businesses to change the cost structure of fixed cost savings, attention to the user and the product operation, so that >

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