The new Baidu advertising marketing senior supplementary books Figure

Do you want to know why Baidu is so popular with students? The above picture is likely to be one of the reasons: reader " bcstyle" Baidu found that the ads do the high school teaching assistant book. The following is a description of " bcstyle":

I Zhejiang Jiaxing high school students, our daily operations this year is our own school teacher edited a set of exercises, dubbed the "New Curriculum Optimization new case", published by Tibet people’s publishing house. Surprisingly, in the back page of each book called Baidu ads! And the text in the search box is the name of the series, it seems to be targeted. At present, I do not know whether there is a connection between the school and the Baidu, or the publishing house and the Baidu thing; or unilateral action, nothing to do with Baidu (unlikely). Asked the teacher are not aware of… Lenovo Google had some action in the traditional publishing industry, Baidu’s approach is worthy of attention.

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