Click rate of nearly ten million profit only two thousand

Sichuan Online – WCC news from the bookstore to buy with his own works, Neijiang Internet writer "love mountain" feel "funny": because of their own on the keyboard of a word to knock out of the millions of words in the works, "do not know how to appear in front of the rent in the bookstore." "Love on the mountain" was formerly known as Fanxun, to March 2006, a hard year, creating millions of words of "energy-saving" network novel, then popular in the network, click on the rate of more than 10 million, but he only made a profit of 2000 yuan. Yesterday, review from his 1 years of writing career, he said with a smile, "is really a misty dream."

open family tea fans network writing

usually open a teahouse, when sitting in front of the computer code word, faster than the speed of the word to speak, write about two thousand words an hour. This is the "love Nanshan" from March 2006 to March 2007, the general content of life. When it comes to Internet writer in this population, "described love mountain": most of them between the ages of twenty to thirty years old, have a copy of his occupation, imagination, or express, "one day to write five thousand to ten thousand words." But mostly have literary youth, coming in the network era, published after lowering the threshold for a time, we all rush on like a swarm of hornets. As a result, thousands of works like a bubble, like the production, but it can really have an impact, not much welcomed by everyone, especially in order to make a living, but also a handful." "Love Nanshan" said he was one of them. From Chengdu Textile College after graduation, "love mountain" to the Neijiang cotton mill factory when the Secretary, then quit to do business, from 2004 onwards, he opened a family tea garden, "away from the hustle and bustle, lived a semi secluded life, leisure time to read a book, write some articles, but also happy at home." Since the exposure to the network literature, love on the Nanshan life has changed.

hits more than 10 million reward two thousand yuan

from March 2006 onwards, love on the South began to create a network novel, romantic free and unfettered, less than a month, wrote about 200000 words, hundreds of thousands of Internet users sought after. "There is a website and I discuss cooperation, as a novice, when I do not know anything, and the original article published on the site to reach an agreement." "The website and consult me, write five hundred thousand words to no, I sleepwalk promised. The rate of click on my novel has risen rapidly, from five thousand or six thousand people on the first day to nearly every day, nearly twenty thousand people, I contributed a free word of five hundred thousand."

wrote five hundred thousand words, "love mountain" will begin their work set, but the next thing, let him be caught off guard: piracy! The reporter saw on the Internet, "our God" in a number of well-known website hits, together have more than ten million search; "our God" this keyword on Baidu, the "up to 78700. Love Nanshan, said, until now, he still only signed the agreement to the original site granted the right, the rest of the site are all non –

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