Garbage station with station features webmaster how to earn more money


website is to make money, money will flow, the flow of the general station in addition to advertising is not good for other than money. The relationship between the two is really bad, and I think one of my friends is doing a good job.

We all know that the

is something you may look down on the website more money ah, he is now doing all two card engraved chapter, we may note that why there are so many high streets and back lanes such advertising, since it exists, there are people to do the advertising, this is that money can be earned. Also, can be said to be violent. But I question your where traffic? You may not have what station traffic ah, I saw one of his very puzzled and asked him, because I think he is such a web site to do is very simple, it is difficult to see, who will come to see it, anyway. I won’t come, unless I will use, perhaps that day if I want to get a license, engraved chapter what will come in. He said it is very simple, no traffic flow to find ah, in front of him to do the station he had several very good flow station, and also entertainment station about the same, there are thousands of IP per month are also those poor advertising costs, others are not, then he stood above get a top banner ads in several garbage he, the effect is good, traffic is a lot, but the beginning of the business or not how good, then the business is good, may be more and more people know the needs of the people will find ah, he said one is not very good, someone will give him a bargain, he simply got a website template, what is not the same, exactly like the two person stands, in terms of price setting is also very skilled, the rich This station to heighten a point, this station that services and a low point, serve the needs of the people will find the cheaper one station service between the two stations, anyway, in the end is to find his ah, this is his income. He gave me advice is to get a few more traffic station, and then get a money easy but not good to the flow of the station, and then take the flow of money to the site can be.

this is like a website promotion method I’ve seen before, that is to do two stations a say how much money to buy another one, another and scold that station suansha bird thing, why should buy it, seems like the hype. So that the two sites IP will use each other.

our webmaster friends, why don’t you learn about it, get yourself a shop what, what a Taobao, their flow to fully utilize it, on the Internet, no hype is not famous, like that not long ago sell dead mosquitoes, sell sell. Why don’t we really want to look good, why would someone do this website advertising in the US? Just because of the money, since you can earn money, why don’t you make yourself, and to give people earn? Make full use of our resources of the hand, do site

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