Jingdong registered a number of double eleven creative domain name took the lead in war


went to the once a year "double eleven shopping carnival, but also to the major electricity providers have resorted to the exhaust all the skills, eager for a fight. Although the "double eleven Shopping Festival was first established by the Alibaba, including Jingdong, but Suning later joined" double eleven "war, before the Jingdong registered several domain name zhan1111.com.

Jingdong registered domain names, including zhan1111.com, fight1111.com, zhan11.com, can be interpreted as the war double eleven meaning. In addition, the Jingdong is registered with the zhan618.com, fight618.com, as everyone knows, is the 618 anniversary of the Jingdong. By the domain name can be seen, Jingdong on the double eleven war determination how big.

Alibaba has always been very vision, as early as 2011 to apply for registration of double eleven and other trademarks, and in 2012 passed, making other electricity providers may not use the relevant words for publicity. However, the approach is alive, Jingdong this year, put forward the November 11 days, played a low price, cool enough for 11 days, such a slogan, very attractive.

Alibaba invited this year directed by Feng Xiaogang, the star studded double eleven party, it is full of gimmicks. Last year, the dual eleven enabled the domain name 1111.tmall.com Alibaba, I do not know when to get the domain name 1111.com or 11.com. (from every domain name)

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