Suning launched the first O2O that Ali is not the shopping festival is really O2O


Suning launched the first O2O

that is not really the shopping festival Ali O2O (TechWeb with


[TechWeb] October 29th news reports, Su ningyun today announced that in November 8th and November 11th will start Suning the first session of the 020 Shopping Festival, sales target is 10 billion.

In the

conference, Su ningyun group president Jin Ming in answer to how to treat the O2O cooperation shortly before Ali and the line mall, Jin Ming said, do not think of competitors that is O2O, is only the most publicity and drainage way.

Jin Ming also stressed that the real O2O should have two conditions, first, the platform must be wired and offline resources, and the other is the seamless integration of online and offline O2O. From the two basic characteristics, Suning has no real sense of O2O competitors."

according to Suning introduced, the shopping festival will fully open the next line of Suning 1600 stores, and online resources, joint promotion, so the price of unity, unity, unified product and service. To this end, the Soviet Union will be the total investment in the business of advertising costs, and prepared a special supply of 20 billion yuan, and invited to participate in the participation of the 6000 merchants.

it is worth noting that, Suning also announced the launch of social application products "own cloud letter", and will begin operation in November 8th, this will be Suning after Ali launched contacts, NetEase launched easecredit, a company involved in the field. Suning also announced that during the shopping festival, will establish closer cooperation with the letter.

Suning also announced the launch of the Shopping Festival (online OvO video offline, interactive video shopping) mode, will be just the acquisition of PPTV as a video screen interactive platform, try to do more to live in the country through the Internet group purchase, 34 large area hundreds of super stores, stores, client video broadcast. Invite companies to participate in the interaction, according to the number of the online and offline registration offers interactive marketing.

at the same time, Suning is also accelerating the promotion of its payment instruments – easy to pay treasure, will be invested 30 million yuan during the launch of the recharge can grab the activities of the $100 red envelopes. executive vice president Li Bin said, the company will also launch mobile electronic membership card will Suning original offline and online membership completely open, to achieve a multi-purpose card.

it is reported that from the beginning of this year, Suning has accelerated the process of the Internet, announced in February changed its name to Su Ningyun, and the organizational structure adjustment, the June line price, September launch of the open platform, just a few days ago the PPTV included in the bag. (eight)

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