Foreign media attention double 11 global foreign enterprises to seek business opportunities

Reference News Network November 4th reported that the Japanese media said that in recent years, China’s evolution in November 11th was a large-scale promotion day. "Double 11" initiator of the Alibaba in 2014 hit 57 billion 100 million yuan daily turnover record. Alibaba proposed in 2015 double 11 "globalization", to promote the active participation of foreign enterprises, will become an international competition strong color of double 11. This may also be an opportunity for Japanese companies.

according to Japanese Economic News reported on November 3rd, held in October 13th in Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province, the headquarters of the Alibaba 2015 "double 11" global Carnival to start the meeting, Ma said the current China middle class of about 300 million people, the next 10 to 20 years will reach 500 million people. China’s middle class consumption will stimulate global economic growth. From 0 hours in November 11th from the beginning of the year, Alibaba will be in the promotion of home appliances, daily necessities, food and other goods.

According to Alibaba

CEO Zhang Yong, November was sandwiched between October and December Golden Week "was originally a Christmas battle, spending the off-season". 2009, Alibaba initially planning double 11 online shopping carnival, just to organize activities to drive consumption in November. Today, the 11 has developed into other electricity supplier companies are also involved in the shopping event". Consumers aimed at the price, will be in the double 11 before the control of consumption, or ahead of future consumption. Therefore, the double 11 is the existence of many retail enterprises can not be ignored.

reported that the Alibaba in 2015 "double 11" the theme of "globalization", plans to raise the total turnover in 2014 accounted for only a few percent of the proportion of overseas goods, and previously limited to China domestic "double 11" into the international shopping event. In the context of rising wages in China, even if the price is higher, but also the pursuit of quality, ease of demand for Chinese goods is increasing. Tourists to visit Japan to "burst buy" phenomenon illustrates this point. Alibaba trying to reproduce the changes in the domestic consumer trends through the network, Jingdong and other electricity supplier companies are also committed to cross-border sea Amoy business.

at the same time, foreign companies are also "double 11" show strong interest. Currently, China’s personal consumption grew by about 10%, although slower than in the past, but still at a high level. In the overall consumption, the annual growth rate of personal computers and smart phones maintained at a high level of nearly 40%. China’s personal consumption in many countries in the world ahead. Therefore, China’s consumer market is full of charm. Alibaba expects that in 2015 there will be more than 5000 foreign brands settled Alibaba.

2015, Turkey large cake manufacturers KARSA will participate in the second double 11". 2014 double 11, KARSA single day sales of 200 thousand cakes, sales of about $1 million 800 thousand. First, the original price of 50 yuan KARSA1 yuan biscuits, as a special commodity to attract consumers. Sold out after the price of 20 to 30%, sales of large business.

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