The trend of e commerce vertical refinement for CMS icing on the cake

with the development of the Internet, e-commerce is becoming more and more mature. The emergence of a large number of e-commerce sites, more and more owners began to enter the e-commerce market. Although several giants occupy a considerable market share, but this does not affect the number of vertical segments, on the contrary, these market segments is a powerful supplement.

CMS system is similar to the situation, although the mainstream CMS system can meet the needs of many users, but many industries and functions also need professional template customization, which obviously can not meet all users. But with the development, and later appeared in a variety of vertical segments CMS, such as known as comprehensive dedecms, and do the education system of education through CMS, specializing in industry portal and the classification of information system PHP168, designed to do tourism program 188 tourism website system etc.. The development of these CMS itself reflects the trend of e-commerce. Today, we share the theme is to look at the trend of e-commerce through CMS.

mainstream CMS system: open e-commerce

in recent years has been the CMS system for many webmaster rash and too much in haste without the establishment of the time, you want to find the program can download directly into a website, and then find someone to write the site collection rules filled even started their own road of the webmaster. Here do not talk about the way to do good and bad, just to do the convenience and rapidity of the station, CMS is obviously a bridge, so that do not understand the site technology, people who do not have their own website programming. This is the rapid development of e-commerce era, the number of millions of Chinese webmasters is a witness. Personally, I also like CMS, and their own programs to build the site compared to the apparent cost of CMS station time to be low, more powerful features, data processing speed is also more advantages, in addition to security is guaranteed. Therefore, many webmasters have used a number of domestic mainstream CMS to build the site.

vertical refinement CMS: e-commerce corner

With the development of

, a lot of owners found that CMS is not a panacea, and some of the industry and their own functions need to be developed alone, not flexible enough. The mainstream CMS is the integrated nature of the industry, many do not need so many functions in the background is relatively complex, so this time there have been a lot more detailed classification, according to the segment of the CMS system in a certain industry, for example, we are more familiar with the classification information of PHP168, and my own love for the 188 tourism website this kind of system program, although not comprehensive in nature, but its characteristic is very obvious, that is the service of a certain industry field. As a professional class tourist site, there is no need to select the CMS system, and the use of more refined 188 tourism website program is very appropriate, because tourism is mainly involved in the line, visa, hotel, car rental, and other attractions are well supported, so there would be less time and cost of construction, in addition more professional. So through an example to illustrate the CMS>

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