Do business micro electricity supplier whitewashing Tour village ten tricks

[Abstract] for the electricity supplier, in smoke four of the battle for the city, "the countryside" does not mean "but represents, recover the original simplicity" of a new round of turf war started. In 2014, the electricity supplier in their eyes, not only to "stick with western style, but also got under the village". Billion state power network end inventory, in 2014, the breakdown of the ten major electricity supplier with the coup.

1 is a

style painting

in order to attract good villagers of the motherland, the electricity supplier chiefs have adopted this painting down to earth way. Not afraid of low, afraid of the masses do not



not only abroad, but also to the countryside; tall on it got into the New York Times Square, down to Earth continues to spread over the rural red brick wall." The micro-blog Jingdong conveys his confidence to whitewash the countryside. From the fourth quarter of last year to March this year, the Jingdong in the more than and 100 towns have brush 8000 whitewashing advertising.

is not the only Jingdong whitewashers, Internet last year have exposed large peasant family in the wall brush want a good life, and quickly on Taobao "slogan. In addition, we are well aware of Baidu’s want to sell, looking for Baidu, Dangdang fellow villagers, shopping Dangdang and many other slogans.

2, go to the countryside,


rural "last mile" end distribution, cost control is an important part of. And to establish their own control network to the rural market, it is prone to the problem of high cost, while in rural areas for the end of the distribution, the SF made a new exploration of the exclusive mode.


SF rural site is taking direct management, exclusive agent model, the agent can only undertake SF business, not from other courier companies in the orders, then go out of business outsourcing distribution.

SF is expected from this exclusive mode, control their quality of service agents. SF said, the site of the hardware and software facilities as a second tier city, collection, sending pieces of the whole operation will be real-time access to large SF platform system.

in addition, SF also encourage employees to own rural agency outlets, and set up a special fund to support entrepreneurship. But also by internal employee referral agents, but do not open a bigger area of recruitment.

3 micro electricity supplier for the village hematopoietic

for rural development, Tencent slightly art, called "countryside", which is called "dream of new countryside".

Tencent foundation invested 15 million yuan, in Guizhou, Liping, the establishment of a copper gate of the square of the Dong song museum.



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