Long term problems of e commerce enterprises in China


e-commerce is popular in recent years, the rise of comprehensive mall leader Taobao professional B2C rookie of every guest, fully proved that the electronic commerce prospects, with the brightest business people have reached this area, the original e-commerce hot began to appear cool, just burn, but no profit.

according to the market investigation authority, the development speed of e-commerce is very striking in the whole Internet, from where the rise reached Le Amoy, die every year of e-commerce website B2C mall is a straight line too many to count, the annual growth is still rising, so behind the contradiction is the capital strength of the contest, today rumors, clothing I started the IPO mall, once the customer listed, the industry reshuffle will speed up, this will inevitably lead to a part of the enterprise bankruptcy or bankruptcy, walking in the field of electronic commerce are already as the ice cover.

throughout the entire e-commerce situation, it is easy to find a problem, in some segments of the industry, e-commerce enterprises instead of living a very chic, such as online shoe Lok, good music to buy sell bags; professional website wheat bags, specialty store network greatly, why these segments of the industry website survival rate is so high, the first is the there is a direct relationship with the product, we observe carefully, it is not difficult to find, no matter where the customer or le Amoy, its products are around human activities, said the founder of the direct argument is Amoy Le sentence Le Amoy in the business, from the person’s head has been research in the end Department of clothes where customers, bags have wheat bags

digital Jingdong, only shoes nobody did, so that your product must have a direct relationship with people’s habits and life, the second is the founder of the team in the industry’s influence is very strong, the famous B2C shopping mall, just take out a senior staff is a big Internet companies, have a day and the survival rate, then a B2C mall naturally much higher.

The competition will be the future of

e-commerce is becoming increasingly intense, want to make an e-commerce enterprise survive for a long time, must make steady progress in one direction, the so-called industry specializing in surgery, so it is. (source: http://s.www.dadafly.net/)