A new model of necklace economy e commerce

[global refrigeration network] November 17th 2011 the New Asia – global refrigeration network Necklace economic seminar (hereinafter referred to as the conference) held in Jiangsu, beautiful and rich in Taicang, held. From around the country, air refrigeration HVAC, solar energy and other new energy industry nearly 400 business representatives gathered in Taicang, talk about the development, held at the same time control of the new industrial base of New Asia smart inauguration ceremony.

am 8:30, the opening ceremony and the opening ceremony of the New Asia new industrial base in the traditional Chinese martial arts kung fu fan kicked off the curtain, the audience presided over the New Asia intelligent control marketing director Jiao Weitao. Deputy Secretary General of the Institute of refrigeration China Jing Huaqian, executive vice mayor of Taicang Municipal Committee Zhu Dafeng, director of the Taicang Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision Tang Xianzhong, Taicang economic and information technology committee deputy director Feng, deputy director of the Taicang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of the Taicang sun, Chengxiang mayor Zhu Zhen and other government leaders attended the opening ceremony.


2011 the opening ceremony of the New Asia – global refrigeration network Necklace economic Symposium

the opening ceremony of Suzhou Xinya smell Jianzhong Mr Chairman, for all guests, business friends, news media personnel to attend a warm welcome. Zhu, vice mayor, Jing, deputy secretary general delivered a speech, I wish the conference a complete success.


chairman Wen Jianzhong speech


Taicang Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Zhu Dafeng delivered a speech


Jing Huaqian, Deputy Secretary General of China Refrigeration Association


am 9:30, the meeting officially began. The organizers of the global refrigeration network as the first domestic refrigeration industry vertical e-commerce platform, the first "necklace economy" business model, the participants to discuss the mode of cooperation and other issues of new business model, the traditional economic necklace "business with the refrigeration industry. The contractor is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of microcomputer temperature control system. To explore the control system as the founder leader and necklace economic model of the company chairman Wen Jianzhong interpretation Necklace in the conference mode of economic success, stressed that "the era of rapid development and information, will need a new mode of refrigeration industry in the industrial economy, the industry must rapidly adapt to changes in the network era." Wen Jianzhong, chairman of the industry to get the audience to understand the audience resonance, the meeting rang with applause.


New Asia intelligent control Wen Jianzhong interpretation Necklace economic model

10:20 morning, held by the second session of the Asian new intelligent control appearance thermostat design > title sponsor

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