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Guan Jian

electricity supplier in the past are aimed at the field of noisy consumer supply chain, and now the electricity supplier companies are slowly penetrate into the upper reaches of the industry, has been in the behind the scenes production supply chain transformation. C2B2M (consumer – merchant – manufacturers) model will become a direction in the future]

2015 double eleven, Tmall platform 91 billion 200 million turnover record almost doubled in 2014. 2015 inventory of online business, mobile terminal turnover proportion rose, cross-border electricity into the fast lane, "black five" (black Friday), the "Red Net" steal the spotlight, explore the C2B model of supply side reform, B2C duopoly between "cats and dogs", the line retail accelerated OCS, if the image summed up to a point, is the upgrading of consumption phenomenon behind this drama reflected.

six or seven years ago with the focus on the online shopping environment compared to the standard discount, consumers want more convenient to buy big fashion, overseas Chaozhou products, personalized merchandise etc. now, and this process is more prominent "I" this appeal. In 2015, active in the electricity supplier on the stage while more and more big, more and more rich. This sends a clear signal that electricity suppliers no longer simple digestion stocks online channels, from the consumer side of the change will bring a new challenge to upgrade business platform.

supply side transformation of consumer upgrades

in the just concluded Second World Internet Conference, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said that the Internet is still focused on the demand side impact. However, the future of the Internet will play a greater role in the supply side reform, supply side reform will become the driving force for future demand.

implication, previous business is aimed at the noise of the consumption of the supply chain, and now the business enterprise is slowly infiltrated into the upstream industry, has been in the production of supply chain behind the scenes "transformation. C2B2M (consumer – merchant – manufacturers) model will become a direction in the future.

traditional small and medium foreign trade enterprises with the domestic electricity supplier channels to the domestic market, the electricity supplier industry in 2015 is a landscape. Putian Shunde Pinghu shoes, small appliances, luggage, clothing of Quanzhou, in the southeast coastal areas of the main export of foundry industry with first smell the opportunity for transformation. They refer to the electricity supplier platform accumulation of large consumer data, with the production line to foreigners before the foundry production of goods like domestic consumers, and then with the online channel sales.

Shantou mayor Zheng Renhao recently to the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, in order to account for the share of export toys 30% Shantou Chenghai toys as an example, the previous market mainly depends on the spring and autumn season two of the Canton Fair, the small commodity market in Yiwu, the Shenzhen SAR OEM production, the next line supermarket; but this two years, the electricity supplier channel contribution value in the rapid increase in the local village, Taobao Express has become the trend, Shantou has become a national electricity supplier.

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