58 city recruitment season to help college students to show the social value of employment

this year, the number of graduates to record up to 7 million 270 thousand people in the history of the most difficult employment season, many parents feel pressure. In addition to the investment of the enterprise itself, the government is also actively calling for the creation of a favorable employment environment for graduates. Consultative Forum biweekly CPPCC held a recent meeting, the participating members and experts and scholars around the "entrepreneurial university graduates employment environment optimization subject of heated exchanges. CPPCC Standing Committee Wu Jing believes that the growth of the Internet environment, the new generation of college graduates, the network has a natural sense of intimacy, online job search, employment has become a boom.

therefore, create a good environment for college students’ employment network, build a network of entrepreneurial students, employment support system, strengthen the network of employment guidance services, protection of College Students’ employment network order norms is very necessary. More analysts believe that the current environment, college students to find a job is not only the individual behavior of college students, the need for government, business and Internet technology and other aspects of support, to build a good employment environment. In this regard, many companies are actively play their role, especially Internet companies.

in June 18th this year, the domestic well-known life service website 58 city launched my work · my dream graduation season campus recruitment activities, to build an efficient information platform for college students employment. According to the relevant person in charge of the recruitment channel 58 city, the current activity has ended, during the event attracted a lot of attention and participation of graduate users. 58 city monitoring data show that since the recruitment season held in June 18th, the average number of daily recruitment channels reached 8 million, while the average effective number of Posts was 1 million 200 thousand, an increase of up to 55%. Recruitment season started so far, the average daily turnover of 58 cities reached a total of 3 million 200 thousand copies, while the average daily recruitment call volume of 3 million 600 thousand.

at the same time, recruitment mobile feature is also increasingly prominent. 58 city released data show that 3 million 200 thousand copies of your resume on a daily 58 city, 40% resumes from the mobile terminal, the mobile terminal to access the average daily number year-on-year growth of 278%. At present, China’s mobile phone users reached 527 million, becoming the first major Internet terminal equipment, some experts predict that with the further development of the mobile Internet era, the future of the mobile terminal play an increasingly important role in the job in College students.

it is understood that, as a well-known life service platform, will provide an effective communication platform for the graduates and the enterprise actively during the 58 city in the annual graduation season, and actively promote the employment of college students employment channels, improve the environment, fully embodies the life service platform as the social value of the enterprise.

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