Domain name investment collection began to set up a rare domain name auction

with the investment and collection of domain name gradually started in China, more and more domain name is included in the domestic auction line of sight. January next year a large-scale domain name auction is expected to debut. It is understood that the past scattered, and the domain name auction transaction, this will be the largest domestic domain name auction, there will be more than and 100 rare domain name was put on the auction platform, estimate the total price of up to about 30000000 yuan. While the domestic speculators held a large amount, but the market price is low the.CN domain name is likely to miss the auction.

up to now, the auction received from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and other places around the country more than 150 principal submitted thousands of domain name auction orders, of which 95% for the.CN domain name. However, responsible person said, because the.CN domain name market price is low, so the auction auction will be the delineation of the market price higher "2-3.COM" domain name, "not going to take the.CN domain name."

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