Facebook and Twitter are able to buy and buy a social electricity supplier in China why not break t

Facebook duly completed is "Taobao" rhythm: the introduction of the shop, a key purchase, customer service robot, buyers and sellers, private letter exchange payment transfer.

although the United States a number of social media to play up the electricity supplier, but only Facebook and Twitter allows users to not leave the App direct purchase.

Chinese social electricity supplier bottleneck: the lack of user buying habits, acquaintances social difficult to carry " strange " electricity supplier, lack of trust, traffic and conversion rate is not enough, the platform is not sound.

text / Yang Xinru

Facebook is a new online online mall, social media finally shot do business, I am afraid to let eBay and Amazon are tossed and turned.

a new "sale" button has been added to the left of Facebook navigation bar, Sydney Australia and New Zealand citizens of Oakland can be seen in the mall in their own group or the local commodity, and can directly buy goods and search. Although before many people have Facebook from the "group" in the experience of commercial transactions, this new feature will open to the public but more convenient transaction platform — from product search to the entire shopping process payment service, and includes clothing, 3C and many other category products.


Facebook "Buy & Sell" online mall page

Facebook to do the U.S. version of Taobao


BuzzFeed reported that as early as last year, Facebook launched the people directly click "buy" button, in July 16th this year, Facebook in their FacebookPages (brand home) introduced many online shops. These shops become a big business to enter the Facebook, Facebook and Messenger in App on the launch of the transfer function, and is committed to research and help people to search and buy products virtual Messenger waiters – shop, a key purchase, customer service robot and payment transfer have been duly completed, this is the "Taobao" rhythm.

not only that, according to Bussiness Insider reported that Facebook launched convenient businesses and users to exchange "private" in August 5th, after Facebook users can directly because of businesses, businesses can communicate with specific users, this is not the equivalent of Taobao’s "Wangwang"


but it is worth noting that foreign Amazon and other major electricity supplier by e-mail or telephone consultation, generally do not use the online service mode of the enormous cost of human Facebook, and "Taobao customer service" attempt, whether social media with ER >

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