China’s love and marriage website is facing a foreign capital market competition 600 million

In July 31st, China bridge will be the traditional "the Qixi Festival". A European called "honey" dating sites in Beijing announced the official opening. The audience of the site, it is the tens of thousands of struggling to find the other half of China

"Helen of Troy" Queqiao Online

The latest survey shows that

Jiayuan site of CEO Gong Haiyan, the dragon, the nickname "Helen of Troy online". She was dating Peking University, Fudan BBS version of the reds. Gong Haiyan’s home in rural Hunan, my grandmother and my mother is a famous matchmaker hundreds of miles, the friends around to her quite erudite through paternal teaching and influence of matchmaking".

"September 2002 from north to Fudan University Graduate School, October successfully brokered a." In the process of matching friends, Gong Haiyan found more and more friends around, >

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