2013 electricity supplier price war new trend of female articles into a hotly contested spot


launched in 2012 628 and two singles to bloody price day price bloody sensation in the world, the electricity supplier giants began collective reflection, that in the upcoming 2013 will abandon the price war, but with the 2013 Daqing Jingdong coming, more and more business platform has been unable to bear the price war impulse. It seems last year a verbal agreement the moment will be able to come to nothing, so a new round of the electricity supplier price war started to float on the surface of the water, from the original gradually upgrade to slobber war price war.

but the price war seems to be generous last year or there is a gap between the price war last year, basically covering all kinds of goods, especially in the 3C of electrical household appliance price shopping is the most tragic, but this year many business bigwigs seem to focus on the female groups, because a large number of studies show that electrical appliance products profit rate is far lower than that of female products, such as cosmetics, clothes and all kinds of baby supplies, including dangdang.com and Le bee network launched the first price offensive, are proposed respectively 400 million and 300 million of the rebate rate.

electronic business platform to compete with women’s supplies show the wisdom of electronic business platform

Although the

business platform not from the price hit no promotion from the fight at outrance, size and price rebate on the magnitude of you come to me, but have focused on women’s activities, it is enough to show that the business platform began to become more rational and mature in terms of price war. As everyone knows, the female is the main electricity supplier shopping at present, and female supplies the average profit margin is higher than other industries, so even rebate promotions for women activities, so for businesses is undoubtedly to make money. So there will not be afraid to lose money and earn the phenomenon, will not be granted many consumers false price ammunition.

and the female consumer market is also gradually increased, so before the war slobber business platform is actually a change to the marketing, although also exists between the intrigue, but for a common interest, marketing alliance in a short time is not possible, for the electricity supplier platform to get the maximum profit is the ultimate goal of the operation of enterprises, so even in 2012 played in front of the arrival of interests fight at outrance, then, will all up.

then jointly expand women’s cosmetics market has become the business platform for cooperation opportunities, but if cooperation in a flagrant way will obviously make consumers feel sincere enough, so an important way to attract consumer attention is the natural slobber war, the female promotion aspects of Jingdong and Tmall or undisaffirmance will halt the troops and wait, but in the near future changes in surprise.

female goods is an opportunity but there are also risks

business platform will be a price war on women supplies while display the merchant’s wisdom, but we can’t deny that there is also a certain risk, that is the female commodity for more price sensitive, and pay more attention to the consumer experience. "

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