Dangdang com lost is not only the flow down

in April 17th, I did not intend to see Dangdang Book 50 percent off promotional activities, out of the promotion of the product of concern, so intend to Amoy gold. When you open the URL in the browser when dangdang.com found "the web page cannot be displayed", it is their own off the net? A few times when the refresh is invalid, the heart can not help but doubt, don’t consider dangdang.com down? Asked friends, received feedback is the site can not be opened, dangdang.com is down


at that time did not consider to write the article of this event, did not leave a screenshot. But when Baidu search why Dangdang can not open to get the search results really make people think:

snapshot from the time post time and web pages can be learned, for Dangdang downtime is not the first time, every year there is such a thing. Especially relevant search results on dangdang.com downtime equally staggering:

the same thing happened in Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity providers who, despite "why this event" do not say, for such cases, as a webmaster you will experience some inspiration or

?Effect of

on flow rate

The most direct impact on the stability of

site is the impact on traffic. Web site can not open, can not access, there is no natural information flow. At the same time, if the instability occurs for many times, the flow will be more ruthless, had a friend’s website from 3W’s IP fell to 5000IP in a week, and finally by Baidu K station.

Effect of



in addition to the impact of traffic, the site will also cause instability related to the search engine ranking optimization, the following list of the three most critical phenomenon:

(1) is not conducive to the collection.

(2) ranking decline.

(3) power reduction.

many people always complain: I updated the original content, I every day in exchange links, send the chain, I seriously do every job, why still no ideal effect? Then you can check the website space, to see whether there will be occasional open the case, if there is such a the situation, without hesitation, decisive change.

The impact of

on user experience

for the station or personal station, occasionally nodding once two website is still acceptable, but for a high degree of user needs the electricity supplier website traffic and the loss is not only the problem of SEO, more users to reduce website trust.

from 12306 to jumei.com, then to now Taobao, dangdang. After each promotion to do, the biggest problem is whether the site is still strong". Because once the site can not be opened during the event, the injury is the passion of the user, the user’s sense of dependence.

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