The company sold China enterprise phonetic domain and eat yabakui

70 top international industry and business domain names in China for the first time large-scale online auction. These 70 industries and business domain names are characterized by Chinese Pinyin, such as "", "", etc.. But it is embarrassing that these Chinese phonetic features of the international top-level domain provider is actually an American company: the United States ACE International Development Co., ltd..It is reported that the auction was

, domain name and " (E – Pudong)", " (E – Zhongguancun)" such "China card". Reporter yesterday learned that many businesses are ready to auction China refused to express their dissatisfaction, they think the company is clearly identify the Chinese company to "swept the gold", "we Chinese Pinyin, it is what rush past registered? But there are also a small number of companies believe that Chinese companies in the domain name has been eating a lot of times the drug, this time to allow Chinese enterprises, the new economic mind awakening.

the commercial value of the domain name industry has the world’s American identity, a domain name auction industry sometimes to millions of dollars. The domain name of the auction, starting price ranging from tens of thousands of yuan, the most expensive "Olympic Games ( is as high as millions of rmb. In other words, Chinese companies will have to use a few times or even hundreds of times the money, in exchange for the original registration fee but hundreds of dollars of domain names.

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