A stab in the back Jingdong episode is very funny business

recently, a Jingdong in Amoy website add interference code to prevent its capture data and make a statement, the Jingdong does not allow the capture data to avoid data comparison, so as to conceal the true consumer goods price. This one, immediately attracted numerous hot friends. Of course, as the author of the electricity supplier market familiar, but also a little look at the past, here to analyze what the next Amoy to question the Jingdong


competitor data analysis software who dare to use it?

as everyone knows, a scouring network as a subsidiary of Alibaba, in the second price war in the United States and the United Nations to suppress the Jingdong, and launched Amoy parity software in a certain extent there are hostile competition behavior of a software, so it is difficult to statistics and a cat and impressed! Jingdong is the competitor, change is normal, in accordance with the normal logic, Jingdong dare to use a rival Amoy parity software to consumer behavior point to you, isn’t this chronic

Dutch act?

, according to news reports, in the second electricity supplier price war, there is a great contrast of Amoy data and domestic authoritative third party data monitoring platform Analysys data, which can make people suspect data water Amoy how big! Is this unfair competition parity software if not you dare to use


with a rival of parity software consumer behavior point to itself, is to a certain extent, made a wrong move. Since then, Jingdong in order to take care of consumers fair price competition, may not be blocked on the site to grab a data grab. I think it is really too late Jingdong


Jingdong shielding a Amoy grab data is the right of the Jingdong also issued a statement accusing him of


as a well-known business enterprise, the Jingdong mall is developed rapidly in recent years, rich product line, customer service service, customer experience, and constantly improve the logistics and warehouse to make it shine in the field of electricity providers! Of course, so excellent enterprise will have many competitors envy. Alibaba’s Tmall is one of the second price war to borrow a Amoy parity software behind the Jingdong can be described as numerous knives stabbed. On the moral level, it is too late to call it an insidious villain. Today, Jingdong on its website to shield a competitor Alibaba’s Amoy data grab, as ordinary people, it should be considered a particularly logical and common sense thing. However, as a cat, issued a statement to the media, said the Jingdong is to shield the data capture is to hide the real price to consumers! So the consumer point of view of pseudo morality really made the author disgusted a Jingdong is not consumer oriented people! In the price comparison, just don’t want to and a competition cooperation competition price.

later, the Jingdong official said in a statement to Analysys data and three party data monitoring platform for cooperation in order to provide service for the consumer price competition. With what people will have to use your Jingdong Amoy

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