Domain name a contest between imagination

in the Internet era, the Internet to establish a good corporate brand is an important condition for the survival and development, how to establish a good website brand, a lot of people will ignore the first key is the domain name. Some people may think that the domain name is not a website address? In fact, the domain name is not just an address, but also reflects the culture, respect for the user experience an important performance.

back in the Sina blog on the launch of a be in full swing when the personalized domain name Bo said, as long as required through the application can Xpress set a blog of her own, in fact, earlier, MSN had set up their own space domain approach, just because the user popularity is less, so there is not much response now, QQzone has opened the custom domain name registration activities of the scene, the first phase of the yellow diamond grade Lv2 yellow diamond nobility preferred open. Why is everyone taking part in this lively personality domain name


since March 15, 1985, the world’s first domain name registration, domain name has become completely free the intellectual world, all domain names are created all sorts of strange things, long and short, digital, spelling,…… Before users registered is the longest in the history of the domain name is not difficult to find, this is "if you register the domain name longer Google can search out the Pinyin, the domain name pointing to the Google website, the users claimed to be a fan of Google, for the Google in Chinese area visitors a modest and registered the domain name. The emergence of more ultra long domain names and even ultra short domain names (such as makes the domain name more lively. According to the analysis of the ranking of the top one hundred Alexa Chinese website domain name, the domain name is mainly divided into seven categories, the first category is the brand name, such as the Tencent (,, Yahoo China (, the site has been fixed before establishing a brand or foreign website, domain name brand name or theme directly with foreign domain; second for phonetic semantic domain name, domain name and website name pinyin or Pinyin abbreviations, such as Baidu (, Taobao (, thunder (, friends (; the third is English meaning domain name, this is a kind of domain name most, namely the website name English or English – like, (, IT (, (, China Mobile (, Inc. (, ChinaHR (; fourth kinds of fuzzy semantic domain, The composition is neither entirely pinyin or phonetic shorthand, but not entirely – English or English, but they.

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