Jingdong Tencent BTAUTO to enlarge trick electric cars really want to come

three in their vertical fields have their own unique big data resources. The car is big data big data, manufacturers and distributors Car Buying users, Jingdong is a Tencent owned electricity supplier user data, social data user connection. These three aspects of the data are mutually independent, but also can support each other, for the online car provides a richer car scene, more likely to buy a car path.

where is the next level of a trillion? If you are told about the Internet industry around the car, you must not doubt. A few days ago, BITAUTO and Jingdong, Tencent cooperation floor, let eyes once again focused to the electric car. But this car to the electricity supplier as the representative of the automotive Internet industry, and how to get started but it is a real problem.


slap a slap in the car electricity supplier

electric car industry chain is very long, from the beginning of the browsing, online consultation, experience to the next line, drive, to advance (payment), and then to put the car down the line, and customer service service and so on, any one part of the problem may lead to the termination of the purchase behavior. More critical is that the chain of multiple jobs, and not by an independent undertaking, independent of the completion of. So the car is facing a lot of electricity supplier management, coordination, docking multiple resources and many other tests.

after two years of car electricity supplier war efforts, the understanding of the nature of the automobile electricity supplier also more profoundly understand the importance of multiple resources involved, which also contributed to the car, Jingdong, three Tencent teamed up with one of the important reasons. In January this year, the three parties reached a cooperation, after only three months, surrendered first answer: "Jingdong operating exclusively by easy car vehicle channel" new on-line, and the user can through the Jingdong APP, mobile station, PC website and WeChat, QQ and other mobile phone access channel vehicle Jingdong.

so, in vehicle channel line appearance, what car or car electricity supplier actually got


is the first traffic, but also pure electricity supplier traffic. Unlike search traffic, electricity providers do not need to pay a higher cost of promotion, because the electricity supplier itself has a mature purchase intentions. For example, the Jingdong over the flow, one is with the intention of purchase, payment account which is part of the flow, payment habits, there is no payment threshold.

followed by the entrance, which includes Jingdong (PC, mobile, PAT) and Tencent (WeChat, QQ) and other multiple entry. Mobile Internet traffic in the current state of freedom, want to get the entrance of the mobile terminal, the cost is very high. Three party cooperation will undoubtedly make easy low cost access to the high quality of entrance.


is a mature business service system, the rapid growth of Jingdong is the largest self electric commercial enterprises Chinese, thanks to its mature business service system, including the quality of goods management, logistics warehousing investment, technology platform and so on. Jingdong practice for many years to form a cover user browse >

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