Chinese domain name popularity conditions mature 2008 or cause large scale application

recently, the industry is generally concerned about the CNNIC price adjustment of the domain name. On the one hand, English.CN domain name 1 yuan price will continue to remain in December 31st, 08, on the other hand, the price of Chinese domain names from an annual increase of $320 to $280. From the domain name price adjustment, we can easily see the meaning. 08 years of English.CN domain name registration number will have a breakthrough; and Chinese domain name will usher in the real spring, universal application trend.

The domain name is

Chinese Chinese contains a new generation of domain name, domain name like English, is the number of the internet. Since 03 years Chinese domain officially launched, the size of the domain name service providers are actively promoting, but is often praised, mostly concentrated in large enterprises and the registered domain name investors, one is to protect their own network brand, another is to register the brand of others, and then sell. Although the Chinese domain name has accumulated a number of registration, but are also limited to the protection. The real understanding of its significance, the use of Chinese domain names are not many.

from 07 years of development: first, to IE7.0, Firefox2.0, Netscape8.0 as the representative of the mainstream browsers have upgraded, and all the support of the Chinese domain name. Experts predict that by the end of 07, more than 90% of the world’s Internet users, are able to enter the Chinese domain name direct access to the site.

The relevant provisions of

two, according to the relevant State Council China government website "Chinese enabled.CN", including the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Finance and other central ministries and commissions and other government agencies and institutions at the provincial level of government of Shanghai, Sichuan and other Chinese domain enabled rate has exceeded 90%.

three, according to the China Automotive Industry Internet brand marketing survey shows that in the first half of 2007, China’s sales of the top 50 car manufacturers, and has registered or opened the Chinese domain name of 62.5%.

four, according to a survey of Internet users access the Internet Chinese way, there are more than 90% of the respondents prefer to access the Internet using the native language, that the use of the domain name Chinese visit the site more convenient. After 4 years of development, the Chinese domain name has been widely used and promotion conditions.

"the river becomes warm in spring duck prophet" one of the first to see the Chinese domain name market potential and development trend of course is a sensitive domain name service provider. CNNIC Chinese domain name price increase since January 1st formally implemented, and as the era of the Internet has 14 Chinese domain name, but also on the day of January 1st, launched the purchase of Chinese domain name plus $10 purchase of virtual hosting activities. From this event, we are not difficult to perceive, in the domain name market in 2008, the Chinese domain name competition will become very intense, from the beginning of the first day of gunpowder.

if the company registered in the past Chinese domain name is to protect the brand, the Chinese domain name in 2008 will enter the real large-scale application stage.

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